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Hi, I'm Amanda - a Canadian artist based in Southern Alberta. Art has always been something I've enjoyed. I have many memories of creating as a kid and remember looking forward to art class all throughout grade school. In recent years, that love has only continued to flourish.

With the help of my family and friends, I've realized I have a talent for creating and the passion to match. I find so much peace and joy in sitting down, zoning out and making colours and shapes come together to make a work of art. God, the Artist of the universe, gave me the gift to create, and I am humbled and so grateful to be able to call myself an artist.

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I have always been in awe of nature - the unexpected colour combinations, unique textures, and intricate designs. God's glory is so beautifully displayed all around us!


Naturally, I am often drawn to nature as my subject of choice. I also enjoy creating portrait pieces or playing around with colours and words. Sometimes I share my own words, while other times I prefer adding quotes or scripture passages that speak to me.

Most of the art I create is digital but intended to look like oil paintings with varied textures. I love using simplified strokes to allow the admirer to use their imagination and perceive my art in their own unique way. By avoiding blunt and defined lines, I allow more life and movement to shine through the piece. Carefully choosing the colours, textures, and lines allows me to portray the mood or emotion I desire.

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